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the Volna.tech platform

You are working
or worked
in the field of IT?

Use your acquaintances - connect clients to our platform and receive 3% of the contract amount as passive income

Reliable and Profitable

High Reward
The average rate of a specialist is 2000 rubles per hour. If you help to provide the Customer with 10 specialists, then your remuneration per month at this rate will be 96,000 rubles. And if this number reaches 200 specialists, then your remuneration will be approximately 1,920,000 rubles per month.
Long Term Income
The specificity of our services provides for long-term contracts.
As a result, by connecting a client to the platform, you can have constant passive income every month.
We Take Care of All the Issues
It's simple. We undertake all the work on concluding and agreeing on a contract with the client, you will not need to spend much time to this.
How it Works
Contact Us
Contact us to conclude an agency contract and send your client's contacts. We work confidentially.
Status Updates
We undertake the main work. You will be notified as soon as your client signs a contract with us.
3% of the project cost
Get paid for every invoice paid by your client during the first six months.
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