Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I conclude a contract with?
You conclude just one contract with us and get access to developers from 100 agencies.
Where can I get acquainted with the contract in advance?
After communicating with our manager, we will send it in any way convenient for you.
How are secure payments implemented?
The security of payments is guaranteed by a transparent procedure for their implementation:
From the moment the account is deposited until the payment is made to the contractor, your funds are booked on the account.
Remuneration is repaid after you sign the closing documents.
Do I pay any commissions?
You work at approved and fixed prices and you do not pay any additional commissions.
Who should provide the closing documents?
All document flow is carried out with the platform.
How many specialists can I attract to my project?
The number of specialists is not limited, either 10,000 or one.
What if I don't like working with an involved specialist?
You can tell us about this and we will provide another specialist at the same rate and the same qualification.
How is the selection process going?
We send you CVs of specialists, you choose suitable ones, after which we arrange a video interview for you. Then you can choose a specialist you want to invite to the project or ask to submit CVs of other specialists.
Do you sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement)?
If you wish, you can sign a NDA with an involved specialist. We do not have access to your trade secrets. All we need is just to get information about what specialists you need. We do not discuss the details of the project.
How much does your service cost?
The total cost is determined based on the hourly rate of specialists involved in your projects. There are no additional payments.
What information do you need to conclude a contract?
All we need is information containing the Customer's requirements for the qualifications of specialists, the number of required specialists and other information necessary for the selection and presentation of specialists.
What is the minimum lease period for developers?
The minimum lease period is a total duration of at least 90 (ninety) calendar days.
What projects are you not working with?
With all projects that violate the laws of the Russian Federation, even if the company is registered in another jurisdiction.
Will you be able to work according to our approved sample contract?
We are quite flexible in our approach to cooperation and can work according to the agreement approved by you.
What if we need more employees after outstaffing?
We cooperate with 15 IT recruiting agencies. We will be glad to select candidates for you. The cost of services is 20% of the candidate's annual income. The contract is concluded with another legal entity, which acts as an aggregator of such agencies, and all work is controlled by our employees.
What about intellectual property?
The Contractor creates Software, which is considered an intellectual property item, the Contractor transfers (alienates) to the Customer (in accordance with Article 1285 and clause 3 of Article 1288 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation) the exclusive right to the Software (both completely and to its individual fragments), including all versions, which implies working materials and versions, all material, both included and not included in the final version of the Software (on any types of media), created by it or with its participation in the course of rendering, that is, the exclusive right to use it in any way, provided for in Article 1270 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, on any territory of the world. The exclusive right to the Software is transferred (alienated) by the Contractor in full to the Customer for the entire duration of the exclusive right established by Article 1281 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.