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Get requests for outstaffing of IT specialists from leading Russian companies is a platform that brings together the largest customers and development teams from all over the country. We have created a two-way platform that helps companies that provide IT outstaffing find interesting and high-paid projects from Russian customers and build long-term relationships with them.

Reasons for Joining the Platform

Stable Flow
Get a stable flow of interesting projects and think only about scaling your team, without investing in marketing and sales.
No Risk
Your services will be paid on time, as provided for by the contract. No delays in payment.
Portfolio Replenishment
Add interesting projects from leading companies and experience in working with large projects to your portfolio.
No Downtime
You can also use platform services when you have no own projects, so that your labor resources are always involved.
Outstanding Projects
Work on challenging tasks within large projects. Now there is no need to prove to the Customers that you can cope with it. We bring clients, and you compete for high-level specialists in your region.
Communication Without Intermediaries
After passing the technical interview, your specialist communicates directly with the Customer, and the platform can always help you in conflict situations.

Our platform is the place, where you can get interesting and long-term projects

Is connection to the service free?
Yes, of course, we are interested in constantly expanding the number of service partners and do not charge any fee for connecting to it.
Where can look at the contract?
After communicating with our manager, we will send you a sample contract and an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for review.
How are communications with the Customer implemented?
Prior to approving your candidate for a project, you will communicate with our Account Manager. After approval, your employee will communicate directly with the Customer's technical team.
How does the work process look like?
We sign a contract. Then you submit the CVs of specialists (contact details are not required). As soon as any Customer is interested in your employees, we will arrange a joint technical video interview with the Customer. If your candidates fit, we sign an additional specification with you and connect your specialist with a representative of the Customer. The work has begun now, and then we sign job completion reports on a monthly basis and send the payment to you.
How are payments made?
We transfer funds to you within 5 working days after receiving them from the Customer. Usually the next day.
Do I pay you any commission?
No. You receive payments according to your specialists' rates. Our services are paid by the Customer.
What are your requirements for partners?
  • Your company must have more than 2 years of professional experience without changing a legal entity.
  • The outstaffing business model must be convenient for you.
  • You have no negative feedback from Customers.
  • The number of employees must be at least 5 people.
  • All staff members must be employed in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation
How to connect to the platform?
You need to contact us in any convenient way. The manager will tell you all the working conditions, send a sample contract. After signing the contract, you will have to provide CVs of candidates who are ready to participate in projects. A CV can be provided without indicating full name and contacts, if you are worried that the personal data of employees may be transferred to another party without your consent.
What are the other benefits of the platform for us?
1. The platform is looking for clients for you.
2. The platform guarantees payment for your services.
3. You will add work on large projects in your portfolio.
4. You will get an experience of international cooperation.
5. Your employees will be involved, even if you have no own projects.
6. You will be able to retain high-potential employees in your company, giving them interesting projects at a high price.
7. And many others advantages, call us and the manager will answer all your questions.
Can we act as both the Contractor and the Customer?
Please inform our manager about your wish and we will conclude two contracts at once. Thus, you will be able to provide or lease developers for projects at any time.
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