& Own Staff

Benchmarking: Hiring employees or using the services of the Volna.tech platform

Whatever the case, working with us is more beneficial
Fast Scaling
As opposed to having your own staff, you can very quickly involve the specialists you need to your team.
Cost Reduction
You do not need to additionally keep a large HR staff engaged in the recruitment of IT specialists, HR administration, etc.
No Risks
No liability related to labor relations. Change employees when you want and as much as you want.
You become very flexible in your fixed costs - you can reduce your team if it is required in order to survive the crisis. Unlike in employment relationships, you can save 3 salaries for staff reduction.
The ability to attract specialists from other regions, if no one specializes in this technology in yours.
If you add up all the HR, tax and other administrative costs that arise when scaling a company, the outstaffing is on average 20% cheaper.
Hiring one good developer takes on average 3 months, and we will provide a new employee to your project in 3 days!
No Unforeseen Situations
If your employee gets sick or for some other reason cannot continue to participate in the project, you will need at least 2-3 months to find a replacement, and we can provide another specialist in a few days.

& Agency

Benchmarking: Concluding contract with an agency or using the services of the Volna.tech platform

There is even nothing to think about:
Limited Choice
Unlike any agency or integrator, we can very quickly replenish the team with the specialists you need, in any technology.
If during the work on the project you understand that the developer provided by the agency does not quite satisfy your requests, and you want to substitute it with another one, your contractor may not have more free specialist, and then you either have to put up with the specialist you have or search another agency.

No Risks
In our unstable time, any agency can be closed due to financial problems, and you will lose specialists involved in your project. We work with hundreds of agencies and in such situations, we will quickly find another specialist for you.

Time Saving
One contract will allow you to quickly find and involve new IT specialists, without lengthy tender procedures, for any technology stack.

Transparent and Clear Budget
The rates of specialists do not change during projects and are pre-determined in the contract.

Convenience of Communication
We attract specialists from any time zone and level of English.